Book Summary:

This collection of short stories by Jane Yolen features new twists on classic fairy and folk tails. They include Alice in Wonderland, A bridge that wants a goat eating troll to live under it, Peter Pan and his group of lost boys that mutiny against him, and several others.

APA Reference:

Yolen, Jane (1997). Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast. San Diego, CA: Harcourt Brace Publishing.


I found the new take on these classic fairy tails and myths to be rather fun and enjoyed them a great deal. It is clear that these were written for young adult readers due to some of the stories being darker than their more well known counter parts.

Professional Review:

“Yolen’s style is deceptively simple. There is real depth lurking beneath the clean and polished exterior of these tales. And it is ultimately the truth of their emotional content which lifts these stories off the page and makes them feel rather more like shared experiences than fantasies.” – Margo MacDonald, SF Site Reviews.

Library Uses:

This collection of stories has counter parts to more well known stories such as Alice in Wonderland which means that they could be used as part of a compare and contrast lesson. They can also be used to show that its possible to take well known stories and remake them into something unique and original.


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