Book Summary: 

The Warriors series, by Erin Hunter, is about 5 groups of cats living in the wilderness. The story focuses on one cat inparticular who goes by the name of Fireheart, who later becomes renamed Firestar as he becomes the leader of his clan of cats. There is a kudeta within Firestar’s clan before he becomes the leader when Tigerstar kills and takes leadership from the former leader Bluestar. It is up to Firestar to avenge Bluestar and lead the clans against Tigerstar’s tyranny.

APA Reference: 

Hunter, Erin (2003). Warriors: Into the Wild.  New York, NY: Harper Colins Publishing.


I found this book series quick and easy to read. There was plenty of tension and mystery involved as the protagonist traverses a new world that he is unfamiliar with. It is written for middle school level and up, but older readers would likely enjoy it as well. I know I did.

Professional Review:

“All of the books take place in a world of cat characters that belong to different “clans” that have different talents, abilities, and loyalties. Parallels can be drawn between the clans (which think and feel like humans) and human cultures, making these books an excellent point of departure for discussion about cultural differences and prejudice. Cats engage in wars and battles, fought with claws and teeth, in which some characters are wounded or killed. There are descriptions of cuts and injuries that are tempered for middle-graders, but some sensitive cat lovers could find them too scary. It should also be noted that this series walks a line between opposing war and using violent battle to engage the reader.” – Barbara Schultz. Common Sense Media.

Library Uses:

This series could be used to help get reluctant readers into reading as the books are short and easily capable of holding the reader’s attention. They could also be used as a feature set for book series as the series is rather large and popular. They also have their own website so they could be used in practice info hunts or other activites.


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