Book Summary:

Wolf Rider, by Avi, is about a boy named Andy Zadinski who recieves a phone call from a stranger that tells him that he (the caller) has or rather is going to (as we later find out that he hasent killed this person yet) a girl named Nina Klemmer. Andy then calls the police and trys to warn Nina about the impending danger to her person, but to no avail as they all think that he is making it up. This spurs Andy to try and find out who the mysterious caller/killer is to try and stop him from hurting Nina and anyone else he may have targeted.

APA Reference: 

Avi (2008). “Wolf Rider”. New York, NY: Simon Pulse.


My overall impression of this book is that it was a rather thrilling mystery and the ending was quite the surprise as well. The thing that annoyed me about his book though was that the character discriptions were not very detailed. I like having detailed discriptions of characters so that I can clearly picture them in my minds eye, especially in a mystery novel because details are even more important in these than in any other genre. I would still recommend it to people that wanted a scary mystery to read though.

Professional Review:

” This gripping psycho-mystery ends with several plot threads left unresolved, but it should have wide appeal, especially among reluctant readers.” – Kirkus Review (2011, Oct. 27).

Library Uses:

As this book is a mystery novel (and quite a scary one at that) I think that a library could use it for a haloween themed event that showcases books that relate to he holiday. Mystery and Horrer are two major themes of that holiday and the month of October and it could help people to get into reading a different genre than what they are use to reading. Basically promoting the genre of mystery through this book during a time of year when thats what people want.




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