Book Summary:

Paper Towns by John Green is about a boy named Quentin Jacobson and his obsesive search for the girl he thinks he loves (his dream girl), Margo Roth Spiegelman, when she goes missing (having run away from home).Margo dissapeares after she convinces Quentin to sneak out and drive her around the fictional Florida town in which they live as they get revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend and causing all kinds of other mayham in the process (nothing overly harmful of course). He even skips his high school graduation (along with his two friends that help him search for Margo) to go and get Margo after finding out where she is and how much longer she will be there, only to realize that he doesn’t really know her as well as he thinks he does and that he will probably end up having to let her go in the end.

APA Reference:

Green, John (2011). Paper Towns. New York: Penguin Putnam Inc.


Like most of his novels John Green does an excelent job in telling the story and makes you love the characters that he creates. Of course this doesn’t stop him from breaking your heart either half way through or at the end of the book (which he does, again!). This book isn’t as emotionally traumatizing as Looking for Alaska  was, but it does give a the reader a good catharsis at the end of the story. I highly doubt the movie adaptation can hold up to the book (most can’t), but after reading this I want to at least see how they adapted it into a movie.

Professional Review:

“This is a very cleverly written plot. The trail of clues gives the book a driving force, something that makes you want to read on. It balances the comedy and the diary-like stories with the mystery brilliantly, by mixing them together. The two are inseparable.” – Some-Infinities-Katie, The Guradian (2015, April 28). Paper Towns Book by John Green -Review. [a review of Paper Towns the novel].

Library Uses: 

This book is intended for older readers and as such it would make a good diplay for an author of the month display. With this book being one of the featured books along with some of the author’s other works on display. This book also has a movie adaptation so the library could also do a movie feature to go along with it.


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