Book Summary:

Looking for Alaska by John Green is a story that revolves around a boy named Miles Halter. He is a junior in high school and attends a bording school in Alabama for his junior year where he meets his group of friends namely Chip Martin (a.k.a.the Colonel), Takumi, and Alaska Young. Throughout the course of the year the four of them get into all kinds of shenanigans and Miles ends up falling in love with Alaska (who has a boyfriend and is not interested in dating Miles). However, in the second part of the book (called After, the first part being called before) we find out that Alaska has died in a car crash which devestates her friends (and the reader. Thanks a lot for that mental and emotional scar John Green!) and prompts them to find out why she died the way she did. After several weeks, or months, the Colonel and Takumi give up the search, but Miles wont and he figures out the reason behind Alaska’s death and gains closure from it.

APA Reference:

Green, John (2005). Looking for Alaska. New York: Dutton Books


I loved this book, but I will likely never read it again because of the emotional trauma that I suffered at the hands of this extremely well written and wonderful paper-back novel. John Green makes you fall in love with his characters and makes you want to join them on their adventures and then he just rips your heart out and stomps on it with spiked shoes. I would recommend that everyone read it at least once because it is a story that is truly worth reading.

Professional Review:

“Looking For Alaska cannot be merely written off as a typical boy-meets-girl love story, because it isn’t. It’s more of a tale of how love isn’t as translucent as it seems.” – Pinkbookworm, The Guardian (2013, Nov. 13). Looking for Alaska Review [a review of Looking for Alaska].

Library Uses: 

This book is designed for older audiences, mainly teenagers, and as such that limits how the library can use it. I would suggest putting it on a display with other novels writen by John Green as part of a monthly suggested reading piece that would change each month with a different author each month.


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